Measures of Online Casinos on Excessive Gambling

Excessive gambling is a major concern of casinos mainly because of the nature of their business where the problem usually stems from. Although casinos have no intent of creating a chaotic personality due to gambling, their business sometimes do harbor such problem that casino find morally responsible to help problem gamblers.

Due to lack of casino regulations on excessive gambling, some casinos usually take the initiative to implement the self ban policy inside their establishment. Perhaps this is the least they can do since there are no systematic standard measures that are uniformly implemented in all casino establishments to remedy such condition.

Casino operators have taken some independent measures to address the growing numbers of excessive gamblers. This is due to the fact that the self ban measure is not effective since casinos do not require their patrons to present an I.D. which makes identifying gamblers who have listed their names to be banned from the casino difficult.

It is only when casino players have won large sum amount of money that they can be identified where proper identification is required prior to the release of their winnings. Due to lack of polished regulatory measures that a casino can implement against excessive gambling, there are several suggested measures that can help casinos regulate excessive gambling to occur in their establishment.

The basic and simple way to make the self ban policy more effective is to require every casino patrons to present identification upon entrance to the casino. This can be an intimidating procedure for gamblers who have included themselves on the self ban list of the casino.

Providing limit to the amount a casino player can spend on a particular gaming machine with a specific time limit to play can be a helpful means of reminding casino players to take a break from playing. However, this may be a disadvantage to a casino establishment which can curtail the possible profits they can earn from their players.

A more plausible idea is to program the casino machines to display a summarized report on how much the player already spent playing and also reflect their losses and winnings from the overall game of the casino player on that machine.

It is also a good idea that some casinos has taken measure of displaying a hotline number for problem gamblers which anyone can call anytime. Some casinos also take measures of sending their staff to training in order to learn how to recognize excessive gambling activity and to offer counseling and referral services to their clients.

It would be a relief to know that despite lenient regulations involved in addressing excessive gambling, casinos are taking special preventive measures on helping a recreation gamblers to turn into a problem gambler.…

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